About Liza

Mom. Professional. Leader. 

Growing up in Merrimack, NH, I had the formative experience of watching a school board gone wrong. During my high school years in the mid-90s, Merrimack had a board that tried to implement policies including banning gay teachers and introducing a semester-long creationism curriculum. As a student, I stood up for my own education at meeting after meeting. Now, I'm standing up for my kids. 

Today, I live with my two boys, Milo (4) and Quinn (7), and husband, Dr. Jack Harden, in a community that matches our family's progressive views. But there's still work to be done. Thanks to my career in communications, including my current role as VP, Communications for Housing Partnership Network, and before that as Director of Marketing Communications for Stonyfield, our family was able to afford sending our oldest son to private full day kindergarten. But not every kid has that advantage, and I'm in it for those kids, too. 

My background in policy, nonprofit, and corporate communications, and as a senior leader in organizations from very small to large, has provided me with the skills required to be an effective and passionate school board member.

Experience Highlights

  • Senior leader in a national affordable housing cooperative using market-based strategies to expand mission success in the sector. Outcomes include increasing student success through access to safe, stable homes
  • Experience managing multi-million dollar budgets and multiple teams
  • Nonprofit and policy experience in NH including United Way of the Greater Seacoast, Jeanne Shaheen for US Senate in 2002, and Martha Fuller Clark for State Senate in 2006
  • On the leadership team that co-developed the United Way of the Greater Seacoast community impact model (solving social issues at the root cause) focusing on key areas including early childhood education
  • Experienced organizational strategic planning facilitator
  • Certified leadership coach
  • Makers 2016 Awardee as a game-changing woman at Danone US/Stonyfield