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In it for the kids

My boys, Milo and Quinn

As a mom with young kids just entering the school system, I bring the perspective of the parents of today. As a corporate and nonprofit leader, I bring the experience of cross-sector coalition building and business sense. I'm not running because I see problems with Concord's schools, but because I see promise. Concord is in the midst of an economic revitalization, and I'll bring the fresh perspective and skills the School Board needs to match it. 

As a member of Concord’s School Board, I will:

  • Work hard to find ways to protect our most vulnerable students from discrimination and make our schools brave spaces to address our community’s hardest challenges.
  • Fight for early childhood education beginning with full day kindergarten and start the conversation about universal pre-k.
  • Keep college and career readiness at the forefront of the school board's decisions. 
  • Bring my corporate and nonprofit leadership experience to the table to provide strategic, research-based decision making focusing on the impact school board decisions have on our collective safety, economy, and health.

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