Candidate Q&A

Do you favor a complete renovation of Rundlett, building a new school, or trying to get as much life as possible out of the old building?
I support building a new school, but there’s a lot of work to be done before that happens, including demographic and site studies to ensure it’s built in the right location, consultation with the city to ensure we’re planning in line with economic revitalization efforts, and a clearer understanding of how much we’d need to spend to keep the current school a safe place for students during the inevitably long planning and building process in order to have a full view of the true cost for this critical project.

Do you support full day kindergarten in Concord?
I absolutely support full day kindergarten in Concord for two key reasons - growing evidence shows early childhood education improves the chances of success for students, and also shows a significant return on investment back to the community as those students become adults, in particular in reduced costs related to crime.

Should the school board give the public information or hold a public hearing before approving labor contracts?
There’s nearly always room for improvement in any process, and I’d be open to suggestions for greater transparency at appropriate times in future contract processes.

What's the biggest issue facing the city's schools?
Concord is lucky to have great schools, teachers and administrators. I believe the biggest issues facing our schools come from outside their walls - the current climate of polarization, ongoing discrimination, understanding the school’s role in immigration, and attacks on public education as an institution. It’s critical for our school district to recognize the world our students live in today and will be graduating into tomorrow in order to prepare them not just for future college or careers, but also to be compassionate, informed decision makers in our society.

Why should voters choose you on election day?
I have two boys just entering the school system and understand the challenges parents face today. As an experienced corporate and nonprofit leader, I also have the business acumen to bring measurable, research-driven decision making to the board. In my current role as Vice President, Communications for a national affordable housing nonprofit, I understand the interconnection between where you live, the quality of your school, the connectedness of your community, and your chances for lifelong success. Decisions about our schools impact all of us - our safety, economy, and health. If elected, that’s the perspective I’ll bring to the board.