3 Reasons Schools Matter for Everyone (not just parents of young kids)

No matter what, if you live in Concord, decisions made about the schools affect you. The most obvious impact is on property taxes. But the way the schools affect your life goes much further than that, whether or not you have kids.

  1. What kids take away from their experiences at school are a big part of shaping who they’ll be as adults. And those future adults are your future co-workers, employees, service providers, civic leaders, news article comment writers, and people at the table next to you at your favorite restaurant.
  2. The quality of a child’s education will determine their future health, whether or not they engage in criminal activity, and their economic success. That impacts your insurance, your safety, and our community in general.
  3. Not to mention the fact that schools are all over the place, so their facilities - including the cost of building new schools, how much traffic will be in your neighborhood, and the safety of the property - are your facilities, too.

As a member of the Concord School Board, I’ll be committed to doing what’s best for our kids, but I understand that every decision we make has a far greater reach into our community and beyond. From solving the challenge of our aging middle school, to providing real world skills for our future adults, I’ll bring a big picture perspective to the board that includes everyone, whether you have kids in the schools or not. 

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