Early childhood education makes dollars and sense

As a mom, I sometimes find myself in moments of frustration with my kids as they struggle through discovering their ways in the world. And I have to remind myself that patience with them today will pay off in the people they become tomorrow. This is the perspective we need to take with all of our kids - even though the cost can be hard to swallow today, the people they become, the citizens who will make decisions about our community in the future, deserve it.

Take early childhood education. Did you know that for every dollar invested in early childhood education today, there’s a seven to ten dollar return on that investment in the long term?

Sounds good on paper, but it takes patience to see the payoff. And, it’s not like those $10 returns come in the form of direct payments back to the school district, so it can be hard to believe it’s real.

There are other ways to see the success of investing in early childhood education today. And in Concord, we’ll see it in the number of young families who move here and stay, in the graduation rates of our students, who then also choose to stay. And, we’ll see it in the success of our most vulnerable children, who otherwise might not have access to the advantages of private early childhood education.

As a member of Concord’s School Board, I’ll fight for early childhood education beginning with full day kindergarten and start the conversation about universal pre-k.  

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