Graduation is just the beginning

I remember the first time my youngest son correctly entered my iPhone password. He was four, and I was floored. In that moment, my perspective on my kids’ education shifted, and I accepted that their school experience was definitely not going to be like mine. And today, when my second grader comes home and tells me about the program he used on his iPad, that difference is confirmed.

The world is changing - rapidly - and we can’t predict exactly what the skills of the future will be. But we can keep track of trends in education and the marketplace to make sure our kids are college and career ready. From deep skills in and comfort with technology, to soft skills like problem solving and teamwork, what our kids learn in school is about more than the grades on their report cards.

In order to prepare our children for the future as your future co-workers, employees, and civic leaders, we need to make thoughtful decisions about curricula, continuing education for our teachers, and the connection between our schools and the marketplace. We need a long range vision for setting students up for the real world, and new programs that are informed by research and best practices, and implemented with the level of support that ensures their success.

If I’m elected to Concord’s School Board, I’ll keep college and career readiness at the forefront of our decisions from curricula to contracts, because I believe in education for the future.

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